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Political PRANKS!

A new reality show in IRAQ invites local celebrities on and then tricks them into believing that they are being stopped at a check point for car bombing accusations! Essentially accuses them of being terrorists and scares the crap out of them.
The whole production is made to be as realistic as possible and involves recuting real soldiers and filming then as they pretend to arrest these celebrities at a check point.

The well known victims of these pranks react with tears. They cry, they beg and they flee the scene, running into the dessert for what they are being taunted with is not real laughing mater. In north america Ashton Kutchers popular reality tv series “Punked” victimizes celebraties but in his scenarios the worst pranks usually involve slander. In this Iraqi show they organizers are teasing the participants with the prospects of torture, death and iraqi prison!!!!

Q, on CBC, did a segment on the phenomenon this morning but the ALO article I posted at the top is also interesting coverage of the story.

One thing that is for certain, this show would not pass an ethics board in north america.


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