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On Sunday I went to the movies with some friends. The idea was to see the new Harry Potter but one of my pals ‘wasn’t ready for it yet’ so we decided on viewing The Social Network. The facebook movie was good but it was missing something… OH YEAH! GIRLS! Women make up more then half of the population and in the movie about the ‘biggest’ thing to happen to our world since the internet itself they were no where to be found!

Others may say ‘Hey! What about that crazy Asian groupie turned girlfriend character?” or ‘what about the idea that the fuel behind the fire of facebook was the protagonists want to spite his ex-girlfriend?’ to this I say: What about it?

I don’t think that it is enough. We have moved from an agrarian/rural race, to an urban race and we are now becoming a cyber race, for it is online where we now ‘live’ a great portion of our lives, and in our new world woman are poorly represented.

The situation is worse then poor representation, it’s not simply that women and girls are disinterested in internet culture, it’s also that their participation is discouraged.

In online communities like 4chan their rule 16 of the rules of the internet is ‘there are no girls on the internet’. This means that in this place of 24 hour, anything goes, pure democratic discourse girls aren’t allowed? Welllllll no. There are no physical restraints keeping girls off the internet, but, there is an attitude and a stigma towards female screen names that can’t be denied and really discourages female participation.

This discouragement has lead a lot of women interested in online culture to chose to be “anonymiss”. Anonymiss’s post and interact in these online worlds under false gender pretenses. They are like Mulan, expect instead of going to war in china they are just using their laptops and getting their opinions out there.

Man-o-man, you’d think as we go ‘where no man has gone before’ that girls would be allowed too! Hmmmm … maybe after the internet has been around for 50 odd years.



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