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Once upon a time the internet came along. With it came many opinions of what its future and legacy will be. At the forefront of the debate surrounding the power of the internet emerged a dichotomy of ideas. One side saw the internet as a utopia, a realm of perfect freedom and a democratization. The other adopted a Dystopian ideal where the internet will be used as a tool for perfect surveillance and control. Now, neither has happened, but the fear of the later is still present. The view is that with the normalization of the internet it will soon grow to mirror the same high level of centralization present in other media realms e.i radio.

But SMILE because it hasn’t happened yet!

Why would it suck if it did?

Well, because the internet is used mostly as a social tool, as a place for expression and response. Hence, if it were to be subjected to higher levels of control we would be loosing this group conversation. For, group conversation has often been seen by those in power as a threat, and the elimination of threat is the intention of surveillance and control.

So! Where am I going with all this? Nowhere really, I just felt like stating where we are and what we have to lose in the hopes that people in western democracies don’t take our internet freedom for granted. So we don’t take our online group conversation for granted…even if they are concerned primarily with useless memes.


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