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In the first chapter of The Empire of Mind, this idea of the constraints on thought is introduced. The constraints are manifested in dominant symbols which have the power to establish limits to thought. These constraints should sound threatening for it is believed by some that humans evolve using culture to pass on messages and bring up the next generation.

This being said, I posted the video at the top of this post to function as a beacon of hope. It is a video and hence cultural/art centric product that does not appear to show the sings of censored or constrained thought.

By contrast, it incorporates many symbols found in the niche levels of amateur culture. The use of base level graphics, and amateur style editing, are still catering to and conveying an established thought but one that is counter to the dominate. The dialogue is very chat inspired and the characters are obviously ironic in their opposition to the “shiny” and “sexy” characters of most music videos.

The power found in the “thought” direction of this video, directed by Eric Wareheim of the Surreal sketch comedy seriesĀ Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, is in its counter-culture identify. It is providing an alternative thought narrative for people to consume; tapering the power of the dominate solicited thought… mildly.

Hence, having alternatives to the dominate can be comforting to those who don’t see constrained thought as creating worthy cultureĀ to pass down messages to our next generation.


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Communication Blogging.

We will now be blog blog blogging! Intellectual blogging? Maybe it’s possible! I will make the upmost effort to be as thought provoking as possible! That’s my intention and I’m sticking to it!

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