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I really think this dichotomy is applicable to communication, especially on the internet.

SOoooo TRUTH OR DARE?  I know, i know it should probably just be called dare because so few people tell the truth anyways.

BUT did you know that 39% of individuals aged between 9 and 17 believe that information online is always correct! Haha, most people probably aren’t going to believe this now but it’s true my professor had the fact published in his text book ‘Watching YouTube” so it does have some weight behind it.

This statistic really threw me. It made me wonder if the internet is changing peoples levels of critical thinking with regards to reality?

We often mistake our ideas of reality for reality and when you are younger and more naive I can understand how one could fall victim to the fallacy that their own action are telling of a larger trend.

But ultimately this is not the case. The internet although filled with many truths that otherwise would have been silenced (Wikileaks) is also filled with loads of lies.

On the bright side, at least these lies are ours.


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