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One of the the most significant changes left in the wake of Gutenbergs invention of the printing press and his revolutionizing of print literacy was its equalizing influence. The advent of the printing press was a crucial and causal event that has immense influence on the political indoctrinations that followed i.e DEMOCRACY!

It’s no wonder then when the comparable print revolution of our decade pays homage to it’s grandfather. The print press has also been commonly called ‘movable type’ and today, one of the most popular forms of blog writing software is called, appropriately enough, movable type. It is as if to say the modern day blogger has the same relation as the independent printer of the early modern period. A revolutionary relationship to knowledge and to structures of authority. Both blog and the printing press are opening the mean of production for information to a larger population and hence challenging the monopolies of the 4th estate know as media, and it’s control of out information.

The both of these modes of information engagement required its audience to be able to read. The act of reading, the silent solitary reader, is perhaps the perfect metaphor for modern subjectivity. Reading silently to yourself is a unique media practice for it required you to interact with the information in a more active way. With TV an Radio its easier for the consumer to morph into a receiver but with reading the individual controls the context in which he or she is consuming the information.

Reading empowers us. Reading messages of our kin empowers us. Responding to their messages empowers us. What the printing press and what blog have allowed for us ultimately is for the peoples own written community to evolve, and hence for discourse to have a greater body of opinions to draw from. All of this paves the way for a stronger democracy in which the peoples voice is herd and the media is working truly as the check and balance Edmund Burke intended for it to be when he referred to it as the 4th estate.



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